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Pieton PT and Pilates specializes in orthopedic and sport-specific conditions with an emphasis on running related injuries and female pelvic health conditions. Our treatment philosophy involves a holistic approach, addressing our patient’s primary complaints, while also evaluating how such conditions impact each person as a whole. The human body is designed to work as an integrated system vs. individual parts. Thus, we believe therapeutic interventions need to be addressed as such in order to support our patients on their journey to achieve optimal movement performance and decrease risk for injury.

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Dr. Christine Pieton, PT, DPT, is a licensed physical therapist and Pilates instructor who specializes in orthopedic, sport-specific, and female pelvic floor conditions. Christine believes that everyone deserves individualized healthcare plans that are as unique to them as they are themselves, and thus provides one-on-one physical therapy and private Pilates training to help her patients move with purpose. Christine tailors her sessions to meet the goals of her clients, focusing on rehabilitation of specific injuries, cross-training to enhance athletic performance, and/or optimizing general health and wellness.

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