Why low impact workouts make you a better runner

Low impact workouts are greatly underappreciated by most runners. Many believe low impact always means low intensity, and therefore a lesser value sweat session, but this could not be further from the truth! Low impact sessions are a necessary ingredient

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My Strength Training Journey

Confession…three years ago, I committed to my own strength training habit after m-a-n-y failed attempts. I know that sounds hard to believe, especially since I talk about how important strength work is on the regular, design strength programs for my

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Inviting Movement Into Your Day

Last August, I finally convinced my husband to let me find a new home for the navy blue velveteen recliner that had been taking up way too much space in our living room. And by new home, I mean regifted

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How I feel about “Just do Kegels…”

If you told your doctor that you had shoulder pain and they said, “just do bicep curls for a few weeks and come back if it doesn’t feel better,” would you be cool with that recommendation? Would you be confident

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