Are you tracking your cycle, sis?

If you’re not, I encourage you to start and it goes far beyond knowing your ovulation window. Here’s why… Full disclosure: I didn’t start doing this regularly until September of this year. Prior to this, I only cared that my

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When Should I See A PFPT Postpartum?

“When should I see a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT) postpartum?” One day, this won’t even be a question since it will be part of the maternal standard of care. One day! Until then, let me help answer this common

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The Postpartum hormone cocktail

Yup, this is a thing. Postpartum hormones are a doozy in more ways than one, especially when it comes to your joints and surrounding muscles and tissues. When I share this with my patients, they often respond with, “that explains

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