Just do bicep curls

If you told your doctor that you had shoulder pain and they said, “just do bicep curls for a few weeks and come back if it doesn’t feel better,” would you be cool with that recommendation? Would you be confident

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How To Move With Your Breath

Exploring how to use the different phases of our breath as we move through our day, as well as, during fitness activities is an important stepping stone towards postpartum recovery. This is also important for returning to more complex and/or

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Don’t stop your stream

How many ladies have heard this? ? “Practice your kegels by trying to stop your stream while peeing.” Quit this habit right now, ladies. Seriously, STOP! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen and heard this recommendation, and

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Changing baby registries to family registries

So I have this idea…what if we started changing the conversation around baby registries? What if we started making them family registries – meaning what does the family need beyond just baby gear and supplies? To be clear, I’m not

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The Science behind “Mom ?Brain”

“Mom Brain” Yes, it’s a real thang. Yes Mama, your brain is changing, too. Yes, it’s in your head, but it’s not “just in your head…” Ladies, you know what I mean ? Pregnancy and postpartum periods are hallmarked by

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