How the F do I get FASTER?! -Running Speed-

“How the F do I get FASTER?! I’m soooo slow now after having my baby. What gives?!” Sound familiar? Mama, you’re not alone…Let’s talk about WHY, and WHAT you can do to reclaim your SPEED! 1⃣ BUILD YOUR BASE FIRST

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Period and Performance

Ladies, our monthly cycle impacts our athletic performance, period. The hormonal changes that naturally occur throughout the month influence our: cardiovascular system, respiratory rate, temperature regulation, strength output, insulin sensitivity, soft tissue flexibility, when we prefer to utilize carbohydrates vs

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Pain With Sex Isn’t Sexy

Pain with sex isn’t sexy, and while this is really common amongst women postpartum (PP), not enough people are openly talking about it. The lack of talking about sex in our society, in general, makes this problematic leaving many women

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Overtraining Syndrome ?

Mother runner overtraining is no joke! It happens A LOT. And no, overtraining is not just for elite athletes. Let’s start by explaining what overtraining is before we dive in deeper.. Overtraining syndrome (OTS) is defined as an increase in

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C-section doesn’t mean you failed, Mama

I have a lot of feelings about the labels that are placed on c-section deliveries. I notice our society’s use of negative language when discussing this method of delivery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the following

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“I should go, just in case…”

Stop ?peeing just in case… While the idea of going to the bathroom “just in case” (JIC) sounds good in theory, doing so frequently over time causes an increase in the communication signalling between the brain – bladder reflex. This

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No “Good” vs “Bad” Movement

Why Dr. Chris doesn’t believe in good vs bad movement, and why she wants to encourage you to hit “unsubscribe” to that idea too…because it’s not doing you ANY favors. A note from Dr Chris: Think back to when you

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Fear of “Making Things Worse”

“I’m afraid of making things worse…” I hear this all the time from the mamas I work with. They often meet me after having been told to “take it easy” those first few weeks after delivery, to then being given

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