Three Things All Runners Need To Be Doing

How do I stay injury free? I get asked this question almost daily from my patients. There is no perfect formula you can follow, unfortunately. Injury doesn’t discriminate; it’s an equal opportunist. The best predictor for future injury is your

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PT Turned Patient – Part 3

I remember thinking…In roughly 48hrs I will be in surgery. I paused to let that sink in. Where did the last five weeks go? I had been so consumed with preparing my patients and colleagues for my absence, with being

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PT Turned Patient – Part 2

My gaze jumped nervously around the exam room. I tried to occupy myself by skimming through a magazine. After reading the same paragraph four times and not being able to recall what it was about, I put it down. Breathe,

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PT Turned Patient – Part 1

“Sometimes we fall down because there’s something down there that we’re supposed to find…” ~ Anonymous “Christine! Are you ok?!” echoed around me. It all happened so fast, within a split second. My body came crashing down knocking the wind

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Welcome to my website!

Hello and welcome to my new website! I’m excited to share it’s launch with you and look forward to using my blog as a platform for communicating about orthopedic-based physical therapy (PT), Pilates, and all related topics in between. I will be writing from a PT’s perspective,

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Pieton Physical Therapy & Pilates

We love helping active women who want to live their life to the fullest without being held back by pains, leaks, or limitations!