Don’t stop your stream

How many ladies have heard this? ?

“Practice your kegels by trying to stop your stream while peeing.”

Quit this habit right now, ladies.

Seriously, STOP!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen and heard this recommendation, and on places like WebMD no less — not to mention how many of my clients have shared with me that they were given this recommendation from other medical providers as a way to overcome their leaking challenges

No, just no. ?‍♀️


Let’s talk about why this is problematic…

Trying to stop your steam mid flow by practicing your kegels is confusing for your brain-bladder reflex. Yes, you will be able to stop your flow with an effective pelvic floor contraction, BUUUTTTTT when done repeatedly and too often this type of training creates a lot of other undesirable changes to your brain-bladder-pelvic floor communication system.

And when I say undesirable, I mean things like:

  • increased urgency/frequency symptoms
  • increased risk of UTIs
  • bladders that begin to have difficulty fully emptying
  • worsening of incontinence/leaking

And that’s just to name a few. Then the other piece that develops as a repercussion of kegels is the increased stress and anxiety around ALL of these things, which doesn’t help our pelvic floor health either.

There’s an important relay system between the pelvic floor, bladder, and your brain. This is what helps tell us when our bladder is getting full, and helps us control when to go, or not go. What helps facilitate the release of urine requires the bladder muscle to contract, and the pelvic floor muscles to relax, simultaneously. The opposite is true when it’s not an appropriate time to void.

So doing a kegel mid stream tells the brain, “wait, did we mixed up the signal? I thought this was the right time to void?” Do this repeatedly, and your brain-bladder-pelvic floor communication system gets overloaded with mixed signals.

So do yourselves a favor, and practice your kegels elsewhere ?

AND if you’re unsure if you’re doing your kegels effectively, connect with a PFPT so we can help you understand how to do them in a way that best serves you!

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