How the F do I get FASTER?! -Running Speed-

“How the F do I get FASTER?! I’m soooo slow now after having my baby. What gives?!” Sound familiar? Mama, you’re not alone…Let’s talk about WHY, and WHAT you can do to reclaim your SPEED!


You have to build your base BEFORE you earn the right to work on speed. This means you’ve got to give your body enough time under tension (aka logging enough easy paced minutes) before you add speed. What does that mean for running = working up to 30min easy-paced running sessions 3-4x/wk without pain, leaks or other limitations. Your muscles/bones/soft tissues and cardiovascular system need time to reacclimate back to the impact running

2⃣ SPEED requires STRENGTH ?️‍♀️

Strength training is absolutely necessary if you want to get FASTER. Yes, you will see some gains in your speed by logging more miles over time, but that will quickly plateau if that’s all you’re doing. If you’re not strength training regularly for 20-30min 2-3x/week consistently, you’re leaving A LOT of POWER on the table. Strength training is also necessary for improving your body’s movement efficiency. The more efficient you are, the better you can move, and the faster you can perform. This efficiency also serves to reduce your risk for injuries by better distributing loading forces throughout your whole system vs overusing certain areas.

3⃣ DON’T GO HARD on every run ?️

I understand why many people think HARDER must always = BETTER. There is a time and a place for hard workouts, and yes I believe in interval training to improve running speed. However, if you’re always going FULL THROTTLE in every workout, that doesn’t give the body time to recover fully before your next session. Starting at a deficit into your next workout doesn’t = BETTER, and overtime that will lead to a deficit in performance and reduced speed. If caught in this cycle too long, then your body gets stuck in an overtraining cycle and risk for injuries drastically increases. Add sleep deprivation here for many mamas, and we’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Of these three tips, which one do you feel has the biggest potential to help you improve your speed work?