Inviting Movement Into Your Day

Last August, I finally convinced my husband to let me find a new home for the navy blue velveteen recliner that had been taking up way too much space in our living room. And by new home, I mean regifted it to a family who needed a rocker for their nursery. I can’t tell you how excited I was to reclaim a third of our living room real estate back, not to mention transform this corner into something more magical than the frumpy vibe it had been giving me for four years.

After acquiring a few second hand items to complete the makeover: a large wicker basket to hold our foam rollers, resistance bands, yoga blocks, a salt lamp for ambiance (I think they look pretty cool), and another kettlebell because why not, I successfully reconfigured the recliner corner to be a space for a yoga mat to live permanently out in the open.

To say this change has been a game changer in our house is an understatement.

We are a product of our environment. What you surround yourself with influences how often we move, or don’t move, throughout your days. For me, the simple act of not having to roll up my mat or take it out each time I wanted to use it has significantly increased the frequency in which I engage with it. Its permanence has become an invitation for movement snacks, I’m talking 5 to 15 minute sessions on the regular, which has been especially helpful for me and my husband between Zoom call marathons on our work from home days.

This corner has also created calm for me when I’ve felt overwhelmed, stuck in writer’s block, unable to focus, or creatively inspired. It’s also become a place where I start my day while listening to my audible book with my cup of coffee before diving into my day, and that has been my absolute favorite way to start my days.

I share this story in hopes that it might inspire you to think about your current environment, and ask how it can help you invite more movement snacks into your days. You don’t have to transform a corner of your living room like I did, but what if you did? What might that spark for you and those you share your home with?