Just do bicep curls

If you told your doctor that you had shoulder pain and they said, “just do bicep curls for a few weeks and come back if it doesn’t feel better,” would you be cool with that recommendation? Would you be confident that that would fix your shoulder pain?

Yeah, didn’t think so…

Telling someone to “just do bicep curls…” to fix their shoulder pain is just like telling someone to “just do kegels…” to fix their pelvic health condition. And yet, this is the recommendation most women are given ?

AND then when all the kegels don’t fix the problem, so many women think it must be their fault that the kegels didn’t work. Ladies, it WAS NOT your fault. You did NOTHING wrong. You just weren’t given a proper assessment, or the necessary tools to be successful in the first place. That’s why it didn’t work.

This “just do kegels” fix has been the long standing recommendation since before the time of the dinosaurs. AND what breaks my heart the most is that this archaic strategy is known to have incredibly poor outcomes, and yet that’s what most medical providers are still telling women to do. I share this not to point the finger of blame at these providers. I’m sharing this to say, we need CHANGE within the system, and WOMEN DESERVE BETTER!

Providers (especially OBGYNs) deserve better education about what pelvic floor physical therapy (PFPT) is, and how we are an invaluable resource for co-supporting, co-treating, and co-advocating for patients with pelvic health conditions AND especially those patients navigating their prenatal and postpartum journeys.

Change within our medical system is SLOW, unfortunately. So instead of waiting for that change to happen, I encourage all my fellow ladies to advocate for themselves – ask for that PFPT referral! This helps not only YOU, but other ladies, too.

In summary, if a provider ever tells you to “just do kegels”:

1. ask for a referral for PFPT

2. find another provider ASAP who can better support you

3. Reach out to me and I’ll help you find a PFPT near you, seriously