Pelvic Floor Health Handout

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of guest speaking at the Santa Barbara Birth Center about pelvic floor health and the importance of pelvic floor physical therapy for prenatal and postpartum care. It was such a rich and informative discussion that touched on four main topics:

  • What is the pelvic floor?
  • What is the pelvic floor’s role in our deep core system?
  • What are common symptoms to look out for if the pelvic floor system becomes challenged? And just because these symptoms may be common, doesn’t mean they’re normal
  • What is pelvic floor physical therapy and how do pelvic floor physical therapists play an important role in recovery?

In preparation for my talk, I created an informational handout containing the answers to these important questions. When I shared this handout during my presentation, I was asked by the attendees if I had extra copies to share with their friends and family. This got me thinking…While you personally may not be pregnant, have children, or need pelvic floor physical therapy yourself, you likely know someone who does. So this week, I’m asking you to help me with something. Share this handout with one person (or more if you’d like!) that you think would benefit from hearing this information.

Thank you for helping spread the word about pelvic floor health!