Supporting mothers after miscarriage and infant loss

We don’t yet talk openly enough about the heartache and grief that comes with miscarriage and infant loss. We also don’t yet talk openly enough about the physical changes that mama’s going through while she says good-bye to her little one all at once.

There is so much that a woman’s body goes through during the various stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and in the case of a mother grieving her loss, she’s having to navigate the physical changes that remain in her body simultaneously. She deserves support and guidance around this, too.

I will never forget the first mother I supported after her loss. She taught me so much about how to love fully, grieve fully, and find courage to try again. At her first appointment, she said to me, “I want to be strong again for the son I sent to heaven, and also for his future siblings. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about my body and be better prepared for next time.”

We cried together in my office on more than one occasion over the course of our three months together. And in that pain we found purpose to help her feel strong and confident in her body again. Thirteen months later, she welcomed her little one into the world with a fierce calm and centered energy that I will always be in awe of.

In her email to me with the picture of her new son, she shared how much our time together had helped her feel prepared, ready and confident. She said, “I didn’t have that the first time. You helped me find that.”

Mothers, you are real-life superheroes. You deserve guidance and support around how to reconnect and strengthen the new version of your bodies during pregnancy and postpartum, and this includes mothers who have had to say good-bye to their little ones too soon. You don’t have to navigate this evolution alone. Pelvic floor physical therapists welcome you with open arms and safe spaces for your healing, always.