The Four B’s For Getting Back to Running After Baby – Part 4 ~ Begin with Breaks

Mamas, break it up to build it up! So you don’t end up broken down!

Being intentional with your breaks will help you get back to running after the baby sooner. This is where SO many mother runners sideline themselves by adding too much volume too quickly. I know your brain is ready to get back to it, but your tissues need more time.

Cliff note version: Mamas begin with run/walk intervals to give your tissues intermittent breaks as you ease back into things in addition to having breaks between your running days – these are the VITAL ingredients that can make or BREAK your return to running PP.

Here’s WHY: First off, I want to acknowledge how HARD it is to embrace BREAKS, esp when you’ve been patiently waiting to get the all clear from your doc to get back to running for what feels like an e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. Maybe you’ve been reading all the things you can find on Dr. Google, IG, and mother runner FB groups about when others got back to it, and comparing that intel to yourself for reference. I get it, and would have done this, too if I was in your shoes.

Hit the BREAKS Mama, and slow your scroll.: Comparisons aren’t fair. Everyone’s pregnancy, delivery and recovery is different:

  • Comparing one mother runner’s return doesn’t mean that’s right for you
  • Comparisons of the milage pre-pregnant-runner-you are used to and expecting the PP-runner-you to pick up where you left off is definitely NOT fair either (not saying forever, but for this season)
  • Comparisons interrupt the return to run process and increase the risk for injuries, some of which can become permanent.

There is NO magic number of X weeks PP that your body is suddenly ready to accept single leg jumping while supporting 2.5-4x your body weight for X miles – ps: this is what running is & requires! Being able to successfully support such loads happens after retraining following:

  • Breath work
  • Building your Base
  • Balance and Bounce
  • Then a run/walk(break) program is your next step