What your pelvic floor and a soccer team have in common

Let’s pretend your pelvic floor is the MVP on your pelvic soccer team. It’s been told to:

Never miss a practice.

Never miss a training session.

Always carry the team.

(aka you’re doing alllll the kegels)

Now let’s also pretend that your MVP is the only one that shows up to practice. It’s doing all the drills solo, while the rest of the team (aka all the other muscles that attach in and around your pelvis) don’t show up to practice.

Then come game day, the coach, the MVP, and all the other pelvic players arrive on the field to play. How well do you expect this team to perform in the game? Terribly, right?

This is how most women are being coached about their pelvic floor health. It’s all about the pelvic floor, and it’s all about kegels. Leaving the pelvic floor to practice on it’s own, and then expecting that to fix everything is bananas!

“You just need to do kegels to be successful,” they say…”No need to practice with the other muscles around the pelvis to be successful,” they say…WRONG!

The pelvic floor is ah-mazing, don’t get me wrong, BUT she’s only one player on the whole damn team. Even with her MVP status, she can only do so much without the help of her teammates: diaphragm, abdominals, glutes, inner thighs, hip flexors, etc…Everyone needs to be invited to practice so they can learn to work together, so they can learn to communicate and coordinate together, so they can be successful as a team together on game day, and more importantly, everyday!

Ladies, if you’ve been told to, “just do kegels” and your pelvic floor condition isn’t getting better, it’s not your fault. Find a different coach – aka get yourself a pelvic floor physical therapist who invites all the players to practice and teaches you how to coach your pelvic soccer team to victory.

Because when the whole pelvic team is working well, the MVP can finally do her job since she’s not having to do everyone else’s job on top of her own. There is a time and a place for kegels, BUT the majority of the time, understanding how to coordinate the rest of your soccer team first  is a much faster way to support your pelvic floor teammate long term.