When Should I See A PFPT Postpartum?

“When should I see a pelvic floor physical therapist (PFPT) postpartum?” One day, this won’t even be a question since it will be part of the maternal standard of care. One day! Until then, let me help answer this common question…

Short answer – anytime, and as soon as possible! Here are a few suggestions:

Are you currently pregnant?

I recommend connecting with a PFPT at the beginning of your third trimester. We provide education about birthing positions, perineal massage, pushing strategies, toileting methods after delivery, navigating the healing process in those early weeks, and so much more! Having this information upfront helps streamline the postpartum healing process. When I have the opportunity to support my clients through their delivery, I recommend connecting virtually around 3 weeks postpartum to see how they’re doing, answer any questions they’re having, provide posture strategies for all the nursing/carrying/swaddling, and help clarify what’s “normal” vs what needs more support.

Are you within 0-6 weeks postpartum?

I recommend a check in around 2-3 weeks postpartum, and yes you can absolutely connect with a PFPT before seeing your OBGYN. Yup! 6 weeks is a long time to wait and wonder on your own without professional support. You’re already having to navigate a lot of “new” as you care for your little one and you shouldn’t have to do that for your healing, too. Many PFPTs offer virtual consults which are incredibly helpful and make it much easier for mamas to get the care they need without having to leave the house. That latter part is really hard and stressful those first few weeks, so being able to do so from the comfort of your home is important.

Are you 6+ weeks postpartum?

I highly recommend seeing a PFPT as soon as you’re cleared to resume exercise by your OBGYN regardless of your delivery method. This often happens around your 6 week postpartum check-up with the very vague recommendation of…“just listen to your body…”. Yeah, just listen to this new version of your body that you’re not yet familiar with, and that hasn’t had any downtime to recover since it’s superhero debut of growing and bringing human life into the world. Mama, let us help you better understand the healing phases your body is and will be going through over the next few months. Let us help you develop a game plan for rebuilding your physical strength and how to effectively return to your fitness goals with a plan.

When did you first connect with your PFPT? If you still have questions about connecting with a PFPT, please don’t hesitate to reach out.